V4A (TTO) bezoekt Straatsburg

Bericht geplaatst op: 30-5-2016

On the 26th of Mai, our V4a class had a unique experience in Strasbourg, France. They joined the Euroscola program which brought together pupils from 27 schools from 17 European countries (Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Latvia, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Germany, France ….) to act as members of the European Parliament for one day. As our spokesperson Sophie held a speech to introduce our class.

Students formed multi-lingual, multi-country groups and discussed European topics like ‘how to protect EU environment’ and ‘what the EU response to refugees should be’. They then took place in the hemicycle -where our elected European representatives usually sit- and raised issues, debated the proposals and votes on the suggestions. They also participated in the Eurogame – where Maurits and his team became finalists.

On the 27th we took some time to learn about the rich history of Strasbourg – a city that has been swapped between France and Germany a few times since 1870.

A very successful and enjoyable trip!