B1a's TTO trip to Canterbury!

Bericht geplaatst op: 23-6-2019

B1a's TTO trip to Canterbury!

What do the Canterbury Tales, Canterbury Cathedral, Dover Castle, youth hostels, Jaffa Cakes and a ferry ride all have in common? 






The B1a class went to Canterbury for two nights and had an excellent time.

The group was complimented in Canterbury Cathedral for being so polite while asking questions and really taking the time to do their work, and everyone was impressed at how good their English was!

Students were lucky with weather, we only got rained on once on the day we arrived!

Even though it was a first trip abroad to England for many of our students,  you couldn't tell as everyone was a good pilgrim on the trip. A great trip!

Some reactions from the students:

What I will never forget about this trip is...

  • How different the city is from one in the Netherlands and the view of the white cliffs of Dover and the Ferry.

  • The Scavenger hunt because we were running through Canterbury.

  • How big and beautiful the cathedral is.

  • All the fun we had in the youth hostel at night!

  • The experience of being there. It was the first time I was in England.

Every tto student in the Netherlands should make this trip in year 1 because:

  • You talk English all the time and you learn many new words and it is an experience that you’ll never forget.

  • You learn a lot from it, it is a lot of fun and you improve your English.

  • Then you think: TTO is the best! I want to do this again!