School gids
16 mei 2023

The 9th of May was the day of the cricket tournament. Due to the weather, we had to organize, unfortunately, the event inside instead of outside. V5a organised this tournament and started at 7.45 with the preparations for the day. Lots of sandwiches and drinks were prepared and many cups of coffee were consumed.

After a clinic for V4a around 8 to give them the opportunity to be the best umpires they possibly could, we opened the day for everyone. 6 teams, all named after fruits, played 4 rounds of cricket games, each lasting 40 minutes. Of course, music was blasting through the PE hall for extra fun! The teams had funny names, such as Strong Strawberries, Baddie Berries en Bold Bananas.

After all the games were played, the scores were counted. While counting, the participating students had a break in which they could have lunch or play soccer. When the results were in, we could announce the winners of the cricket tournament! There were three prices for the best teams. It was a very close call, but the Pretty Pineapples won the tournament! They won every single match they played and even competed against the 4th and 5th year, so it was a well-deserved first place.

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